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31 July 2013 @ 02:03 pm
Oh god I haven't used this in ages. Meanwhile I finished high school, passed my entry exam and finished my first year of medicine at the university of Ghent.

Anyone alive out there?
21 July 2012 @ 05:34 pm
Wow this thing still exists so um anyone still alive?

In the meanwhile, i graduated from high school, failed the first try of the entry exam, and got Sherlock (the cat) to like me so much she doesn't want to get off my lap again. 
25 February 2012 @ 08:14 pm
My cat died. Y'know, the one I've had my entire life. I'm very sad of course, that cat was brilliant, but it can't be helped. Life is determined to hurl everything possible at me. Well she did have a thrombosis last year, and it was nearly finished then but she pulled through. Now though...

Mum thought it'd be best to get a new cat immediately. We went to the animal shelter and found one, a very shy cat, not very social, but allows being picked up and it's not aggressive. We named it Sherlock (my sister's choice, I don't mind of course) and it's a really nice looking cat. It is, however, an infernal beast. It really lives up to its name. It hides the whole time, dislikes being social, dislikes being petted, hisses a lot but never actually bites or scratches someone, and oh it hid behind the fridge for two hours and we had to call the fire brigade to move the fridge so we could get it out.

I can no longer get the image of the actual Sherlock hiding behind a fridge out of my head. I kind of imagine John would try and lure him out with nicotine patches.

That said, I will miss my cat. I had her my entire life, and she was brilliant. The new cat's never going to be a replacement, but it's good to focus my attention on it so I don't keep reminding myself of my old cat. 
Current Mood: melancholy
04 February 2012 @ 04:40 pm
My Mum somehow thinks I'm depressed because I'm so apathic.

She also wishes I'd act more emotional or 'human' as she called it, and be less of an egoist. 

Good to know, Mum.
22 January 2012 @ 03:09 pm
Remember when I said I'd post more?

I lied.

Or, in all honesty, forgot. LJ's just not a place to leave short messages, and it seems that is the only thing I can amount to these days. I don't have much to say, talking about rl will just make me depressed, and I'm not following the anime Winter season AT ALL. Managed to catch up with Natsume though, and mostly Gintama.

And I started watching Jeeves and Wooster, and suffering from Sherlock-withdrawal.

So that's about it really.

Current Mood: calm
07 January 2012 @ 10:41 am
So, now that I'll be forced to go back to school Monday, I'll attempt updating this a bit more and y'know, not only reading your entries but also REPLYING to them. Which has sort of become hard. Somehow.

I don't really feel like I've had two weeks off, I'm not as tired anymore, but it's close. Going to the hospital daily too, meeting with a few friends (which I've done considerably less actually, I didn't feel like it much) and also started watching Misfits. Brilliant, just finished series 2. I've given this show called Bedlam a try too, since I saw some news of a second series on CultBox but meh. It's enjoyable enough without paying too much attention I suppose. And oh god the newest Sherlock. Do any of you watch Sherlock? If yes, you will share my pain, if not, GO WATCH IT. I WILL GIVE YOU DOWNLOAD LINKS. I WILL LEND YOU MY DVDS. ANYTHING.

Good news, Dad gets to leave the hospital Thursday. He's still not, y'know, quite alright but well. His right hand is still rather uncooperative, but he can walk short distances well enough, and he's mostly rather... How d'you say that... Coherent? He's not confused that much anymore, but still not really quite alright. 

Once again sorry if I have neglected you wonderful people! I'll be back to bothering you guys in no time! I promise! But really, lots of people from my flist have kind of disappeared :( Sad, but true. To all those still present, let's have a group hug.

On another note, which series are you following atm? Anime series that is, I've looked at the new ones and :/ 
Current Mood: calm
Current Music: Stick To Your Guns - The Cribs
01 January 2012 @ 11:57 pm
Current Mood: hyper
27 December 2011 @ 03:21 pm
Since I've become virtually incapable of updating this, just a small reminder that I am, in fact, still alive, yet not very active.

Christmas was awful because of the lack of my fatherly presence and the miserableness that just oozed out of everyone present. The presents were okay though, received some money and my sister bought me a huge encyclopedia on the human brain with amazing photographs and details. 

I am a huge nerd.

Tell me, what did you lot get? 
16 December 2011 @ 04:29 pm
The lack of decent tv series.
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03 December 2011 @ 07:02 pm
I'm still sort of alive. Passed my driving exam (the theory at least) so I advise you to have your loved ones stay inside, since I don't think driving a car'll go that well the first few times. Other than that, I've gotten a cold again, spent a week high on dafalgan so I could attend school, oh and I have exams in a week.

I'm also still addicted to Merlin and completely forgot to keep up with Penguindrum. Last episode I saw was... 11? 12? Not sure.